Brendan Junge

Brendan Junge AES MESSA, loves food. In fact, he often jokes that if it weren’t for his childhood love for sport and exercise, he’d be the size of a house. He doesn’t believe in fad diets, but does promote living a healthy lifestyle. One composed of appropriately challenging physical activity, both formal and informal, along with healthy nutrition habits. With "healthy nutrition habits" meaning you can still treat yourself to those ‘sometimes foods’ without feeling guilty. Brendan definitely does.

Brendan’s passion for living an active and healthy life is what encouraged him to establish in Motion Health and Fitness in 2006. He graduated with Distinction from UWS in 2003 with a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science (awarded the Dean’s medal for his outstanding academic achievements). He is also a Golden Key Honours Society member and values continued learning through professional industry development and research, staying at the forefront of physical wellness best practice.

In addition to University accolades, Brendan holds certification in Kinetic Link Training and practices this approach to functional physical development. Furthermore he is Pilates Matwork certified, incorporating this technique for all levels when/where his clients' bodies/goals dictate.

Brendan has enjoyed working at all levels of physical performance: with amateur athletes at the NSW Institute of Sport, where he was responsible for development and implementation of their strength and conditioning programs; and in the professional sporting arena, overseeing pre-season training protocols of the Parramatta Two Blues Rugby Team.

Since creating In Motion Health and Fitness in 2006, Brendan has been helping people from all walks of life look amazing and feel fantastic through the establishment of health-focused physical and nutritional practice. He is an industry leader, developing first-class programs that are based on proven science to deliver real-measurable long-lasting results for his valued clients.

His passion for the long-term wellness of his clients (friends) is shown through his attention to detail and complete health focus.

To this very day, Brendan continues to learn and incorporate that knowledge and his experience to all of his valued client base, ensuring they achieve what is important to them in their lives.