mobile personal training gold coast

Mobile Personal Training Gold Coast

Exercise Scientist led Mobile Personal Training

We all have either joined a gym, exercise group, Boot Camp, bought a fitness DVD splashed out on a Personal Trainer or at the very least thought about it, right?

What is our motivator… We all want to be fit, healthy and have a rockin’ body (whether we admit it or not)!

That very same motivator has brought you to our website today. It has you reading this right here and now. And it wants you to be fit, healthy and look amazing.

Without trying to sound too cocky, you have found your solution.

You will be the fit, healthy and rocking that hot body you have always envisaged and deserve training with us.


Exercise Scientist led Health and Fitness

Simply put, you should trust us with you long-term health and fitness because we are an Exercise Scientist led Personal Training business. An Exercise Scientist holds an undergraduate degree in the field of Exercise and Sports Science, studying a minimum of 3 years at University, un-matched in the health and fitness industry.

So your can be sure, that our team of Exercise Scientists create highly effective Boot Camp programs and Personal Training solutions by applying exercise science best-practice when it comes to your health outcomes.

Strength and Conditioning

We respect the Kinetic Link Principle, and it is the foundation of our clients’ strength and conditioning training. Developed by a world-leading Sports Physiotherapist, KLT provides the perfect platform for creating strong, toned, aesthetically balanced body which moves with ease and control.


What we put in our mouths can undo the hard work we put in at training.

If this is you, no need to worry, we have got you covered with Our Nourishment for Active Healthy Lifestyles program.

We worked together with experts in the fields of Dietetics and Exercise Psychology to develop our extremely effective nourishment program. Finally, you can break those nutrition habits that have been holding you back, creating long-term wellness.

Now, all you have to do is call on that motivator one last time and contact us to join and never look back!

Call 0414 750 083, send us a Facebook message or CLICK HERE to send us an email to book your FREE no obligation consultation with your Personal Exercise Scientist today!