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Are you getting results from your gym membership, group fitness or Bootcamp programs? If the answer is NO… it’s time to try something different. The term BOOTCAMP may freak you out, but at In Motion Health and Fitness our Exercise Scientists do away with the traditional extreme screaming with our Transformation Bootcamp.

Our Transformation Bootcamp is designed by Brendan Junge, the owner of In Motion Health and Fitness who is an extremely experienced Accredited Exercise Scientist. What does this mean? It means your exercise stimulus planning is guided by someone with 3 years of university study and training. Brendan graduated in 2004 with Distinction and has been working in the industry and running successful Bootcamps in Sydney and now on the Gold Coast since 2004. It is a qualification and level of experience that results in an understanding of the human body and its adaptations to physical training, unmatched by a Fitness Australia registered Personal Trainer.

Your strength and conditioning includes the Kinetic Link Training (KLT) and HIIT cardiovascular training strategies. KLT is a sports-physiotherapist developed program that takes a full-body movement approach to resistance training, distinctly different from the traditional isolation strength training strategy. How is this a superior form of strength training? This functional ‘movement’ training approach of KLT develops muscular strength and endurance, dynamic core stability, balance and coordination, and most importantly an injury-resistant aesthetically pleasing physique.

This is a transformation Bootcamp, so what about my nutrition?

Our Transformation Bootcamp addresses your nutrition, meeting you where you are at and showing you how to address those habits that have been holding you back from seeing that reflection in the mirror you deserve to see. We have worked in collaboration with a Gold Coast based Accredited Dietician to create the “Nourishment for Active Healthy People” whole-food strategy to instil life-long healthy eating habits. Every week at training, we look individually at your nutritional successes, encourage and guide you towards more wins! This strategy continues to prove to be highly effective in creating healthy nutrition practices for our clients and will work for you too.

How do I know I am achieving my goals?

There is no better way to encourage your participation in any exercise program than seeing real results. Whether it be, the number of push-ups you do, how your back-pain has disappeared, how fast you can run, or how the waistband on your favourite jeans now fits. As part of the program, we conduct bi-monthly fitness and health evaluations for all our Bootcamp clients. Your results from this series of protocols are a perfect scientifically-valid demonstration of your fitness and health improvements.

Furthermore, these very fitness and health evaluation results are used to set your individual exercise session intensity. This ensures your individual training sessions are appropriately challenging and geared for continued fitness and health improvements and decreased over-training and injury prevention.

How do I get involved?

We make it extremely easy to get started. Call 0414 750 083, send us a Facebook message or CLICK HERE to send us an email to join our team and enjoy making new friends and challenging yourself to become active, fit and healthy.

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