Brendan Junge - Gold Coast

Brendan MESSA AES is the owner and Head Accredited Exercise Scientist at In Motion Health and Fitness.

In 2006 Brendan’s passion for regular gym-based physical activity and sport is what inspired him to establish in Motion Health and Fitness. A fit-business with a unwavering focus on helping as many as people as possible to establish and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and live the benefits.

Now being a father of two young children, his motivations for regular physical activity have changed somewhat.

Gone are the days of solely caring about his reflection, to being family focused. About seeing Audrey and Emmett grow up alongside his wife, Rachel. Being there to support them and being a grandfather to their children one day. This may not be your motivation, but we all have reasons to be fit and healthy.

This is where Brendan and his team excels. They work with their clients to establish the manageable lifestyle changes they desire.

Brendan's education is extensive. Achieving a Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science with Distinction from UWS in 2003 and awarded the Dean’s medal for this outstanding academic achievement. He values continued learning through professional development, staying at the fitness industry forefront.

In addition, Brendan is a Qualified Kinetic Link Training coach and Certified Pilates instructor, incorporating these conditioning approaches when his clients' goals dictate.

Since creating In Motion Health and Fitness, Brendan and his team have helped people from all walks of life establish and maintain the healthy lifestyle they desire and deserve. Brendan and his team want to help you too, contact them today.